Prof. Şefik Süzer



Department of Chemistry, Bilkent University, 06800 Ankara, Turkey

Tel: +90-312-2901476, Cell: +90-532-3835286




Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California.  Berkeley, CA, USA, Advisor: David. A. Shirley, 1976

“Investigated electronic  multiplet structure of open shell, and satellite structure of close-shell atoms using ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy”

 B. S., Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 1970




Professor of Chemistry, Bilkent University                                                                                  1992 – present

Visiting Professor, University of Delaware, Newark                                                                   10/07-02/2008

Visiting Professor, University of Michigan, Chem. Dept., and BNL                                         2000 – 2001

Professor of Chemistry, Middle East Technical University                                                        1978 – 1992

Visiting Professor, University of Virginia, Chem. Dept.                                                             1985 – 1987

Postdoctoral Associate, Freiburg University, Germany, Phys. Dept.                                       1977 – 1978

Postdoctoral Associate, Sydney University, Australia, Chem. Dept.                                        1976 – 1977




Guest Researcher of the Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin, Germany                                               Feb-July 2013

Editor, Surface Science Reports (Elsevier)                                                                                      2013-

Associate Editor, J. Spectroscopy & Dynamics, Simplex Academic Publishers                      2011-

Chair, TuSSS (Turkish Surface Science Society)                                                                           2011-

Fellow of the American Vacuum Society (AVS)                                                                            2010-

Editor of Applied Surface Science (Elsevier)                                                                                  2010-2013

Guest Editor (Special Issue on Charging Effects) J. Electron Spectroscopy, Vol: 176,  2010

Chair of ECASIA’09 (Eur. Conference Appl. Surf. Inter. Anal.)                                                   October 19-23, 2009

Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Electron Spectroscopy                                       2008- present

Fulbright Research Scholar – University of Delaware, Newark                                                  10/2007-02/2008

Member of the Scientific Board of the Sci. Tech. Res. Council of Turkey                                2001-2008

Fulbright Research Scholar – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor                                             08/2000-07/2001

Honorary Member of the Turkish Chemical Society                                                                     1997-present

Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences                                                                                 1994-present

Science Award of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey                            1990

Young Investigator Award of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey       1981

Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Electron Spectroscopy                                         1980 – 1990

Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship of Germany                                                                         1977 – 1978



Turkish Chemical Society

American Chemical Society

Society of Applied Spectroscopy

American Vacuum Society

Materials Research Society

Society for American Advancement of Science




Chair-Chemistry Department-Bilkent University                                                                          1992 -2012

Program Director-Natural Sciences-Sci. Tech. Res. Council of Turkey                                     1990 – 1992

Assistant Dean – Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Middle East Tech. Univ.                                   1989 – 1990

Assistant Chair-Chemistry Department- Middle East Tech. Univ.                                             1987 – 1989